Notre-Dame de l'Assomption Abbey - Trappistines of Rogersville.

Our way of life is characterized by a relative degree of silence and solitude, by prayer, Scripture meditation, study and manual labor - all lived within a communal context. The monastery provides a milieu where each person can pursue her spiritual journey, in response to God's grace, guided by the classic structures and rich spirituality of the monastic tradition. The Divine Office (or Liturgy of the Hours) is celebrated seven times a day, beginning in the early hours before dawn and ending in the early evening. Daily Mass is the centerpiece of this liturgical mosaic.

Our community supports itself through the fabrication and sale of altar breads, in addition to a non-commercial farm and modest gift shop located in the guesthouse where icons and other items of piety are available.

The community reflects the bilingual character of this Province and the Country, being composed of both French and English-speaking members. The liturgy is celebrated largely but not exclusively in the French language.

The monastery belongs to the Moncton diocese and is located on 300 acres of farm and woodland in eastern New Brunswick. There is a monastery of Trappist monks two miles north of our monastery.

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